Iron Skunk Barbell Club

Iron Skunk Barbell ClubThis strength program is an opportunity to spend time honing your technique and increasing your capacity at the most fundamental strength movements, that include (but not limited to), Back Squat, Overhead Press, Bench Press, and Deadlift.  These movements are the foundation of any and all other weightlifting exercises.  Olympic Lifting movements will also be incorporated.

This group format of 90-minute sessions, offers one-on-one guidance, great camaraderie, and a roster of movements allowing you time to correct errors and challenge your limits.

Whether you are brand-new to lifting, someone with experience who has struggled to surpass a plateau, or just looking to do something different, by taking the time to focus exclusively on the lifts that support almost every other activity you do inside (and outside) the gym, you will gain confidence and enhance your performance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Iron Skunk Barbell Club (ISBC) will be open and available to everyone.
  • Schedule:
    • Wednesday: 6:45pm
    • Saturday: 10:15am
  • Cost: 
    • The current CFS Member fee is $39/month
    • The non-member fee is $95/month (Open gym included)
  • Open gym schedule: You may access the gym any time outside of the regular class schedule.  Visit our schedule page for the most current schedule.  Please allow for a 15-minute buffer from the end of class time before entering the gym.
  • Programming: will be fueled by Brett Somerville from Granite Barbell located in Campbell Hall, NY.  You are also welcome to do your own programming.
  • Granite Barbell: will visit ISBC monthly (on Saturday – actual dates TBD) to meet with athletes to provide in-person coaching.
  • Individualized Programming: is available for an additional fee depending on your goals:
    • You will be evaluated by ISBC/GB and an individualized program will be developed based on your specific goals
    • You will be provided a weekly program to follow
    • Weekly video analysis for performance critique
    • and so much more….

A little about Brett Somerville & Granite Barbell:

Brett has many years of experience as a top-performing Strongman competitor. He has been competing in North American Strongman, Inc. (NAS) sanctioned heavyweight events in New York’s Greater Hudson Valley as well as national and world-class competitions since 2007.  He established Granite Barbell to share his knowledge of weightlifting and strongman movements for men and women of all ages.

Granite Barbell is an exercise facility located in Campbell Hall, NY that is built to help you achieve your maximum strength potential.  Whether you are looking to get in shape, improve your functional strength at any age and experience level, increase muscle, or need to achieve sport-specific goals.

We are so excited to be partnering with Brett and his team to make us all #SKUNKSTRONG!

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