New To CrossFit

So you’re new to CrossFit and not sure how it works or what to do?

Being new to any endeavor can be a bit intimidating.  Especially in a group environment when you’re walking in and everyone there seems to know what they’re doing.

DON’T FORGET…..they all started exactly where you are right now.  Scared, intimidated, unsure, excited, etc.  We all felt those same emotions when we first walked through that door. But don’t worry.  We won’t throw you to the wolves, pat you on the back and say “good luck”.  Our coaches guide you through this process from start to finish.  How, you ask?  It’s simple….

First: You schedule your CrossFit Foundations Sessions, three 1-on-1 sessions with one of our coaches who will teach you a series of movements that are most commonly used in any given class.  These sessions will be done at your convenience and pace.  Once these initial sessions are completed, you are ready to confidently enter into the regular classes.

Next:  You step through that door as a new CrossFit team member!  Your nerves are shot.  You’re certain you’ve forgotten EVERYTHING you learned in the three 1-on-1 sessions, but fear not……once again, coaches are there to guide you (and everyone in the class) through each movement prior to “3…2…1….GO!” in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of each movement and review any scaling options.

Then:  The coach says “COUNTING DOWN”……you start to sweat even before you’ve begun to move……”what the hell am I doing here!?!” goes through your mind.   “What was I thinking!?!” is being repeated over and over.  Just know your coach’s job is not done when they yell “3…2…1….GO!”   Our coaches are with you throughout the entire class to support and guide you. Even your fellow CrossFit community members will help ensure you’re comfortable.  You’ll quickly find that the group is a community of like-minded people who thoroughly support one another.

After: YOU DIDN’T DIE!   But now you will feel accomplished and motivated to keep going!  This is where it all begins….the beginning of your investment into your health and fitness!   Welcome to the Chase Fam!

Please know, questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to any coach at any time.  You are not alone.  We are all in this together!  WE ARE STINKIN’ AWESOME!

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